A Riverside Conservatory Built in York, ME

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Although we offer a wide range of custom glass products, the conservatory is one of the most iconic structure types we build. Today’s construction showcase entry depicts the design and construction of one such gorgeous custom glass conservatory in York, ME. The structure was positioned to overlook the Cape Neddick River and is sure to offer the family tremendous year-round views of the natural beauty Maine has to offer. For ease of access, our renovation team ensured that the kitchen connected directly to the conservatory in the rear yard of the residence. Let’s take a closer look at a few key steps in our construction process:

An engineered structural drawing of a York, Maine residence that has had a custom Sunspace Design glass conservatory added

Carefully engineered drawings are produced before each project begins.
This drawing depicts a view of the residence with the planned conservatory added.

A look at the rear of a York, Maine residential home before a new home renovation project begins

A view of the residence before renovations begin.
This home’s backyard is about to receive a major upgrade with the help of the Sunspace team.

A photo of the Sunspace Design construction crew installing a brand new steel beam that will connect a conservatory addition to the existing kitchen

Our team installs a steel beam to establish a brand new opening from the kitchen that will lead into the conservatory.
We can meet virtually any residential construction objective.

The rear yard of this home has been prepared with helical piers that will support floor frame construction

Helical piers are installed in anticipation of the floor frame’s construction.
We’re now ready to begin!

A photo of the brand new floor framing that will soon support a custom Sunspace Design glass conservatory and skylight roof system

Brand new 2’ x 10’ floor framing is installed.

A photo of walls and structural framing elements that have been built atop a conservatory floor frame

The walls and structural beams for the roof are now in place.

A Sunspace Design engineer assembles the conservatory's insulated glass roof system in the wood shop

Meanwhile, work on the new insulated glass roof system begins in our wood shop.

A photo of the completed conservatory roof frame that will be transported to the project site

The mahogany roof frame has been assembled and awaits delivery to the project site.

A photo of finished conservatory framing on a new project located beside the Cape Neddick River in York, Maine

Back on location, the conservatory framing is complete.  Up next: new insulated glass.
The conservatory is now ready to accept the mahogany roof components.

A photo of the finished roof frame brought to the project site adjacent to the Cape Neddick River

The roof frame has been assembled and delivered.
It’s now ready to be lifted into place.

Sunspace crewmen secure the straps that the crane operator will use to lift the mahogany roof frame into position above the conservatory

The crew secures the straps.
Moments from now, the crane operator will begin lifting the roof system into position.

An interior photo of the completed conservatory space beneath the skylight roof system

An interior view of the unfinished conservatory space after the skylight roof system is positioned.
Insulated glass panes need to be installed next.

Sunspace crewmen look on as the crane operator lifts a low-e, argon gas-filled insulated glass pane into position in the conservatory roof frame

Low-e, argon gas-filled insulated glass panes are lifted into position one at a time.

Wide pine floorboards have been installed in the conservatory to achieve a beautiful, rustic effect

Wide pine flooring is installed and ready for finishing.

The exterior details of the conservatory have come together as the crew prepare finishing touches and begin cleaning up the project site

The exterior of the conservatory is nearly complete.

A photo from the completed conservatory's interior which shows the connection to the kitchen, a beautiful dining table, and stunning panoramic views

The completed conservatory interior is stunning. Look at those views!
Because the space adjoins the kitchen, it also serves as a convenient dining area.

An overhead view of the brand new conservatory bathed in sunlight.

A perspective of the backyard patio area adjacent to the new addition.

The conservatory looks beautiful at the back of the home.
It’s sure to provide its owners with stunning views of Maine’s natural environment.

Through the conservatory’s interior, over the dining space, and past the doors into the backyard.
This riverside view is priceless.

Imagine the possibilities.

The adjacent seating area is perfect for outdoor dining.

A view through the conservatory toward the interior of the residence.
Elements of the kitchen are visible through the connecting doorway.
This layout is the perfect marriage of convenience and elegance.

Across the yard at dusk.
This conservatory receives sunlight during the day, and illuminates the yard in the evening.

If you’d like to learn more about how Sunspace Design can revolutionize your home via the introduction of custom glass structures and features like conservatories, skylights, sunrooms, or other specialty glass products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can find us by submitting your project details and goals via our contact form, by sending us an email at info@sunspacedesign.com, or by giving us a call at 1-800-530-2505.

Original Post Date: 2018-02-09
Last Updated: 2019-05-11

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