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The Latest: New Gorgeous Glass Construction Projects on New England’s Coastline

It has been a challenging year for homeowners and businesspeople throughout the country, but the Sunspace Design team remains hard at work bringing our services to the people of New England. We design and build custom skylights, conservatories, sunrooms, greenhouses, swimming pool enclosures, and other unique glass structures of all sizes and scopes. Interest in our unique brand of custom residential and commercial glass construction remains strong as there is no better time to bring the healing beauty and warmth of natural sunlight to the living spaces we spend ample time in.

Recently we’ve had the great privilege of collaborating on two large projects in the seacoast corridor alongside fellow industry pros. Today we’re happy to offer you a special, early glimpse at these projects, both of which are sure to be absolute stunners once complete. We invite residential homeowners as well as industry professionals—from architects to general construction teams—to reach out to us in order to learn more about how our team of glass design specialists can bring the Sunspace touch to their projects.


Project #1 – Incredible Two-Tier Oceanfront Conservatory in Seacoast New Hampshire

This grand Hampton, NH glass construction project is a collaboration between Sunspace Design, TMS Architects and Interiors of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Architectural Builders of Hampstead, New Hampshire (serving as general contractor). Sunspace is bringing our specialty glass design services to the project in order to realize the vision of a two-tier oceanside conservatory expansion to an existing residence, complete with cupola and glass roof. The glass conservatory space will measure 750 square feet, and the cupola above will measure 225 square feet. We’re using gorgeous mahogany framing that will be completed with copper flashing and caps. Thermal performance will be ensured via the use of insulated, tempered glass atop laminated safety glass. This glass features a low-E (low emissivity) coating and an argon gas-filled space between the panes.


A south (rear) elevation of the conservatory addition.


A computer rendering provided by the architect which depicts the intended placement, look, and feel of the custom glass grand conservatory and cupola.


Project #2 – Gorgeous Custom Conservatory and Skylight with Views of Maine’s Rocky Coast

This Cape Neddick, Maine project features both a custom conservatory as well as skylight located on the building’s third floor balcony. To complete this project we teamed with the Fiorientino Group, architects based out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as well as Ragusa Builders out of Seabrook, New Hampshire, who served as general contractor. The conservatory is to provide stunning views of the ocean, and features over 240 square feet of interior space. Located above the building’s foyer, the exceptional skylight will cover over 270 square feet once complete. Both the conservatory and the skylight will also be using insulated, tempered glass units with low-E and argon gas.

A south elevation depicting Sunspace’s conservatory contribution as well as the large glass skylight located three stories above the foyer.

An isometric view of the glass skylight construction.
Our team can develop full suites of CAD drawings for each project we undertake.

An architect-provided computer rendering depicting the Sunspace Design glass conservatory addition.
The glass addition connects to a gorgeous deck and the side yard.

An architect-provided computer rendering depicting the interior space beneath the custom skylight addition.
The interior space is completely illuminated by sunlight entering from the glass roof.

A three-dimensional elevation rendering depicting the custom glass roof that serves as the home’s centerpiece.

A closer look at the custom conservatory addition that opens to a side deck with backyard access.

As we settle into the fall season, we’re eager to continue developing these and other projects. You can keep up to date with our progress by visiting us on social media or our website. And if you’re ready to learn more about how we can bring the Sunspace Design touch to a project of your own, don’t hesitate. Contact us via phone at 1-800-530-2505, by sending an email to, or by filling out our website’s contact form. We look forward to helping you let the light in!

Original Post Date: 2020-10-16
Last Updated: 2021-01-04

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