A Two-Tier Oceanfront Conservatory in Hampton, NH

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Construction

Today we explore the design and construction of a grand glass conservatory and skylight project located in Hampton, New Hampshire. The project is a professional collaboration between three firms in the New England area: Sunspace Design, TMS Architects and Interiors, and Architectural Builders. Architectural Builders served as the general contractor, and Sunspace Design was brought in to realize the architect’s vision of an elegant two-tier oceanfront conservatory expansion.

The glass conservatory plans call for a roomy 750 square feet. The cupola above is 225 square feet. Our elegant mahogany framing will be finished with copper caps and flashing. Insulated tempered glass layered upon laminated safety glass will ensure fantastic thermal performance. Let’s take a look at the build from start to finish:


The steel frame design of the new conservatory is approved and ready for fabrication.

A southern elevation drawing of the conservatory addition.

This computer rendering (provided by the architect) illustrates the custom grand conservatory’s placement.

A double hip solid mahogany skylight frame is under construction in the Sunspace Design wood shop.

On site, the steel frame is completed. It is now ready for the skylight installation.

A crane operator begins to lift the completed frame into position.

Workers guide the skylight frame as it is lowered onto the steel cupola construction for attachment.

Mahogany rafters on the second level’s double hip glass roof are readied to receive high-performance insulated glass.

Solid mahogany hip rafters and common rafters fit nicely into the front eave.
All rafters are given two coats of primer before finish painting begins.

A view across the skylight facing east toward the beach and Atlantic Ocean.

The glass is secured for lifting.

Glass is crane-lifted into position as Sunspace workers guide it into place.

Large, triangular insulated glass panels are set into the prepared openings.

High performance insulated sloped glazing is installed on the east side of the glass roof.

All of the glass is now installed. We’re ready for copper capping and flashing.

A look at the cupola’s glass roof with completed eave flashing.
Onto the copper rafter caps!

The copper flashing of the cupola’s glass roof integrates with the eave trim flashing.

A view from the interior of the two-level conservatory depicting the second level’s glass rotunda.

Looking over the Atlantic.
Note the lower level conservatory hip roof, clerestory, and upper level glass rotunda.

Facing east: the glass dormer connecting the glass hip roof sections just below the clerestory and rotunda.

A view from below of the upper tier cupola surrounded by the lower tier glass hip roof section.

A southern wind has flipped the weather vane into the correct position!

A view over the upper tier towards the Atlantic.

The cupola exterior’s woodwork is beautiful.

An interior view of the gable glass roof section over the conservatory entrance.

This is the view when approaching from the street.

A view of the stunning, geometrically complex glass roof from the interior.

Folding glass doors connect the glass space to the exterior deck.

With the interior complete, the new space is the perfect relaxation spot.

An ocean-facing view from the interior of the new conservatory.

The doors connecting the conservatory to the seaside deck are now open!

A view toward Seabrook Beach from the interior of the completed glass conservatory.

The completed conservatory space looks gorgeous from afar!

An alternate view of the seaside conservatory revealing the outdoor seating and entertainment space.

A picture perfect conservatory, and a job well done.

The gorgeous project is a fantastic addition to our portfolio, and we hope you’ve enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at its genesis. We work with residential homeowners or industry professionals on projects of all sizes. Our services can be tailored to meet the needs of your project, and our designs can be engineered to pair perfectly with your existing architecture. To learn more: send us an email at info@sunspacedesign.com, submit your project details via our convenient website contact form, or call 1-800-530-2505. We look forward to hearing from you!

Original Post Date: 2021-08-05
Last Updated: 2022-12-08

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