A Breezeway Greenhouse in Ogunquit, ME

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Construction

Greenhouses remain one of our most popular custom glass product lines, and for good reason: there is nothing quite as satisfying as devoting a cherished space in your home to horticulture. Our greenhouses are built as highly functional workspaces without sacrificing elegance or beauty. We’ll work with you to determine the best location for your greenhouse to maximize your growing options. And for the green thumbs out there, we’ll also ensure that your custom growing space is equipped with the special features and automation options that you need.

 Below is a look at a recent project we had the great pleasure of working on over in Ogunquit, Maine—not far from our office’s headquarters in York. For this project Sunspace served as the design-build general contractor. The clients requested a custom greenhouse that would also serve as breezeway to join their existing residence with a new garage addition. To complete the project we utilized the very best solid mahogany framing, and outfitted the custom glass roof with Solarban 70 Low-e insulated glass and gorgeous copper flashing. Let’s explore the process:

A floor plan depicting the intended breezeway and greenhouse addition.
Note how the addition serves to annex the (expanded) existing home and new garage compound.

The addition’s mahogany glass roof frame has been pre-assembled in the Sunspace Design wood shop.

The breezeway’s walls and the greenhouse’s glass roof have been assembled. 

A view of the addition’s front walls and the glass roof of the greenhouse.

An interior shot of the solid mahogany glass roof frame joined to a conventionally framed wall.

We’re adding finishing touches to the mahogany trim and stone veneer.

Lustrous copper cladding and flashing has been added to the gable glass roof.

An interior view of the glass roof…

…and another view toward the entrance of the greenhouse.

The clients were thrilled with the result, and are sure to use their new growing space for years to come. Would you like to learn more about how Sunspace Design can work with you to bring a project of your own to reality? Whether you are a homeowner or a fellow industry professional, we invite you to contact us via phone at 1-800-530-2505, by sending an email to info@sunspacedesign.com, or by submitting your information through our website’s convenient contact form.

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