Ways to Make Use of Your New Glass Enclosure

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Planning

When prospective customers envision how they’ll use a new glass enclosure designed and constructed Sunspace Design, they usually imagine peaceful relaxation. Our beautiful windows, doors, and glass roof components allow ample natural sunlight to enter your home whole providing great views of the surrounding environment. But the reality is that our sunrooms, conservatories, greenhouses, and other custom glass spaces are versatile rooms that offer homeowners a wide variety of opportunities. It isn’t necessary to settle on a single use of your new space, and it’s normal for the way you use your space to change over time.

Today’s blog article will consider a variety of ways that our custom glass enclosures and components can provide your home with unique functionality. Let’s get to it!


Use Your Glass Enclosure as a Home Office

Some of our clients have turned their conservatories into unique home offices that provide amazing views of nature while offering comfort and solitude. Imagine a workspace oasis inside your home where you can manage important business in peace and privacy. Our productivity is often undercut by the countless interruptions we face hour by hour. Work performed from home is no less serious than any other, and one way to eliminate the distractions of normal life is to give yourself the space needed to really focus on the tasks at hand.


A North Hampton, New Hampshire glass conservatory that has been converted into a lovely personal office that opens directly into the home's interior

This conservatory built in North Hampton, New Hampshire is used by the client as a home office.
Imagine getting work done in a space like this!


Use Your Sunroom or Conservatory as a Library or Reading Room

Although e-books are on the rise, a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center concluded that print books are still America’s favorite option for reading the written word. Many of us accumulate large book collections throughout life. Rather than storing these books in musty boxes in the basement or attic, display them on shelves in your new glass enclosure. A sunroom or conservatory is the perfect spot to construct an in-home library. Imagine cozying up by the fire on a frosty winter night, reading your favorite author. That’s possible when you enlist the help of Sunspace Design. Because every structure we build is uniquely tailored to meet the homeowner’s needs and blends with the home’s existing architecture, installing custom shelving isn’t a problem. Don’t forget the comfortable armchair!


Consider a Music, Craft, Art, or Hobby Room

The arts are associated with nature. The connection is obvious: think of how many famous artists and composers have been inspired by the scenic vistas of the natural world! And so it makes sense to choose a naturally lit space with beautiful views as a workspace for creative endeavors. Practicing scales? Oil painting? Teaching your children the joy of illustration? Making crafts? Whatever your goals are, there’s no question that a gorgeous, harmonious space will help you achieve them.


A Beautiful Place to Dine or Cook

In a previous article we looked at different examples of our glass spaces being used as dining areas by clients. It’s an obvious choice; if you’re going to invite beloved friends and family over to break bread, it stands to reason that you’d want to share your meal in a lovely, elegant room. Many of our orangeries and conservatories are perfectly suited to holding large dining tables capable of seating all of your guests.


A Rye, New Hampshire glass conservatory with vaulted ceilings located beside the client's kitchen for use as a family dining space

This stunning conservatory is used as a dining area adjacent to the client’s kitchen.
The angular, vaulted glass ceiling introduces beautiful sun by day, and provides views of the stars at night.

A bright, open concept kitchen located in Medfield, Massachusetts with a glass orangery-style seating area and double-hip skylight above

These Medfield, Massachusetts clients elected to introduce a double-hip skylight to their open concept room.
Located beside the kitchen, this well-lit space seamlessly transitions between dining, cooking, and entertaining areas.


Glass Elements Can Create a Grand Entrance

Whether you have a mudroom, a standard entryway with foyer, or a porch or deck area leading into your home, custom glass construction elements can take it to the next level. Want to create an impressive effect as guests enter? Consider converting your mudroom or porch into an enclosed space. Alternately, consider adding a skylight in the foyer to flood the entryway with natural sun or moonlight.


A Four-Season Sunroom or Conservatory Bedroom? Yes!

Bedrooms: everyone wants a luxurious place to tuck in at the end of a long day, but far too many of us neglect the spaces that we spend roughly a third of our lives in. Converting your orangery, sunroom, or conservatory into a functional bedroom is an option when you hire Sunspace Design. Most of our structures are four-season enclosures which can reliably withstand 365 days of New England weather. Many are outfitted with fireplaces or wood ovens, and what could be cozier than that? Although this option is best for clients with private views surrounding their home, even clients in busier locales can benefit from the introduction of a bedroom skylight or glass roof element. Want to wake up to the sun? We’re on it.


A Sunroom Can Be the Perfect Gym or Spa Alternative

Our custom enclosures are be built tough. We offer a wide variety of flooring options, including options that can withstand impacts or heavy use. That means that there’s nothing stopping you from envisioning a space that’s perfect for your workout equipment: treadmills, elliptical machines, stairmasters and more! Most people want to stay fit, but not everyone has the time or inclination to use the gym. By creating a home gym in your new glass space, you’ll not only be able to stay in shape at home, you’ll also be more motivated to stick to a schedule. After all, a glass space can easily be the most impressive room in a home. And if you’re not just interested in working out but also want deep relaxation, consider introducing a hot tub or jacuzzi. There is no better way to relax after a tough cardio session. Trust us, you’ll realize how magical it can be once you’ve entered the warm, soothing water in the middle of a raging Nor’easter!


A deck-to-sunroom conversion with large glass ceiling panes and a fully functioning hot tub for relaxation and entertainment

This Dover, Massachusetts deck was converted into an impressive sunroom.
A luxury hot tub completed the space and provides the homeowners with the perfect home spa experience.


Our Glass Rooms are Ideal Places for Growing Plants

We’ve already discussed some of the benefits of owning your own greenhouse in a previous article, and we encourage you to check it out. Any home grower looking to improve their efficiency or the conditions in which they grow would be well-served by considering one of our custom greenhouses. But the truth is that virtually every glass product we design and engineer can be used to help plants flourish. Whether you’re in the market for a sunroom, conservatory, or even a skylight, the influx of natural sunlight will provide your greenery with the energy needed for prime growth.


A lovely family room decorated with plants and featuring a bright double-hip skylight above

We outfitted this Newbury, Massachusetts family room with a gorgeous double-hip skylight.
The result? A perfect space for plant growth and family entertainment.


The Perfect Family or Gathering Room

If you have a large family or regular guests, it makes sense to create a space for harmonious entertainment and bonding. We’re so often glued to the television screen (or our mobile devices) that we sometimes fail to appreciate the company of those around us. By designating a beautiful sunroom or conservatory as an entertainment or gathering area, you’ll be able to provide your family and guests with the epitome of beauty as you converse, discuss, relax, and entertain.


Watch the Game in Style: Try a Conservatory Gaming Room

By day, a sunroom or orangery can be the perfect spot for children to play. By night, the same glass space can be the perfect spot in which to play a round of pool or watch the big match-up on television. By cleverly organizing your new space, you’ll have a beautifully outfitted, multipurpose entertainment center.


The Sky is the Limit

The key takeaway from this article is that our spaces are inherently flexible. We can achieve whatever goals you think up. And like life, these spaces can change over time to meet your changing needs. If you’d like more information about how Sunspace Design can let the sunlight into your life, you’re welcome to contact us. We can be reached on the phone by 1-800-530-2505, by sending us an email to our public address at info@sunspacedesign.com, or by submitting your details through our contact form. We look forward to building you the glass space of your dreams – whatever those dreams might be.

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