A Custom Kitchen Renovation in Belmont, MA

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Construction

The relationship we develop with a client begins in the earliest stages of a custom glass construction project. Our first objectives are to understand the client’s goals and to devise a strategy as to how we can best achieve those goals. We work closely with each homeowner to establish a clear picture of the design, style, and functionality they’re after.

We visit each home at key stages to ensure that the strategy we’re developing is the right one for the building. As we become familiar with the client, they become familiar with us. We’ll constantly be incorporating feedback from them as we prepare to build. The relationship continues as we meet deadlines throughout the permitting process.

When our talented team of craftsmen begin actual construction at the job site, they’re as invested in the outcome as the clients are. We take the responsibility of entering a client’s home seriously. Our job is to respect and honor your home by delivering the absolute best results.That’s why repeat business is always a good sign! It indicates that we’ve done well by our clients and that they trust the level of quality we offer. We’re proud of that.

Today’s construction showcase is a build journal detailing Sunspace Design’s extension and transformation of one such client’s kitchen. We had worked with the client a year prior by designing and constructing a spacious porch enclosure for their Belmont, Massachusetts property. The client was pleased with the results and reached out to us again when it came time to transform their kitchen. The space was becoming increasingly tight thanks to a growing family. Sunspace Design set out with the goal of introducing sorely needed light and space by teaming up with the project’s lead designers at Miller Design, LLC.

The kitchen expansion didn’t significantly increase the home’s footprint, but it did require us to address specific engineering challenges. Structural engineering was important because the job required the removal of exterior walls and foundation work. The introduction of a steel carrying beam ensured adequate support.

The design required a seamless visual transition between the existing space and the extension. We met this goal by reinforcing the space’s existing character with matching windows, trim, details, and custom cabinetry which emulated the existing cabinets of the kitchen’s workspace. Special features include a lovely custom bench built into the wall (perfect for the kids!), and a recessed tray opening in the roof frame designed to make the area feel even more spacious. This project’s final results are featured in the Sunspace Design online portfolio if you’d like to learn more, and the build journal continues below:

Architectural drawings of existing and new elevations for a kitchen extension project to be completed in Belmont, Massachusetts

Here we see two architectural blueprints establishing “before” and “after” elevations.
Each project involves multiple drawings and elevations.

"Before" photo of client's rear yard

The view from the rear yard of the Belmont, Massachusetts construction jobsite.
This is what the space looked like before work began.

"Before" photo of client's side yard

The view from the side yard prior to construction.

Construction site crewmen stand by as an angular foundation extension is excavated in Belmont, Massachusetts

Excavation for the new foundation begins!

The floor frame of this kitchen expansion project sits atop the new foundation and defines the new space's footprint

The Sunspace Design crew has begun work on the floor frame.
This is the beginning of something beautiful!

A Sunspace Design crewman works in the middle of the new extension which features new wall frames on multiple sides

The kitchen extension’s walls begin to go up.

Large openings for this kitchen expansion's window frames line the stick frame construction surrounding the floor frame

This angle highlights the large window frames in the extension’s outer walls.

The walls of the kitchen expansion continue to take shape as Sunspace Design construction crewmen continue work

Construction continues as the space really takes shape.

The roof rafter frame continues up to the ridge

The roof rafter framing extends up to the ridge.

A member of the construction crew stands on top of a ladder while securing the valley rafter into position

A crewman secures the valley rafter into position.

The roof frame contains visible structural elements that will create a recessed tray in the finished space

This opening in the roof frame will create an incredibly spacious feeling in the completed kitchen.

Steel supports have been added to the kitchen renovation's wall frame to support the floors above

We’ve introduced steel supports to ensure that the home is structurally sound.

An exterior view of a kitchen extension that shows the siding at 90% completion and weather sealing behind the uncompleted portions

As work continues inside, other crewmen have been at work on the exterior.
The siding is 90% complete, and the building is weather sealed.

Another angle of the kitchen extension's exterior taken before siding, trim, electrical and paint work is complete

Work continues on the siding, window trims, electrical and exterior paint.

The tray ceiling of this kitchen renovation is nearly complete

A view of the tray ceiling before the interior finish trim work is complete.

This interior photo of the project shows that trim is complete, but flooring, paint, and electrical work are still to come

We’re “all trimmed out” and ready for finished flooring!
Paint and final electrical work will follow (along with the custom cabinets we’ve developed).

This residential kitchen breakfast nook features a recessed bench built into the wall

The breakfast nook includes a built-in bench. We’re having custom cushions made to fit.
A custom table is also being developed in the shop. Lots of family memories will be made here!

Another photo of the tray ceiling element before the light fixture is added

The small tray ceiling will eventually feature a beautiful hanging light fixture.

A finished, well-lit photo of the Belmont, Massachusetts kitchen construction project with hardwood flooring, a beautiful light fixture, and custom cabinets

A tremendous amount of work goes into a project like this.
Every adjacent area is affected, so attention to detail is critical.

The tray ceiling, light accent, and tall windows introduce abundant levels of natural sunlight into this kitchen area

The tray ceiling and hanging light accent are great features that revitalize the space.
With the help of the windows, the new kitchen and dining area is bright and airy.

A view of the completed kitchen extension depicting a seating and living area in the foreground, and the kitchen workspace in the background

The extension and renovation project transformed the space into one of the most beautiful places in the house.
It’s hard to believe that we only introduced 70 square feet to the kitchen!

A custom milled pantry unit fits perfectly in the wall space of this residential kitchen project

Our custom millwork capabilities are limitless.
This custom pantry unit fit perfectly and matched the older, existing cabinets.

A client and her two happy children stand in their new kitchen extension featuring hardwood floors, bright windows, and custom cabinets

A few happy customers.
The best part of every project is reflected in the smile of a satisfied homeowner.

We’re happy to report that the project exceeded the client’s expectations. We know that the remodeling process can be tiresome and sometimes frustrating. That’s why we do everything in our power to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible. We’ll handle the paperwork for you, and we’ll ensure that everything goes according to schedule. Our terrific site crew will handle each interaction with you and your family with professionalism and charm.

Interested in bringing your home renovation vision to life? Explore a partnership with Sunspace Design. The best way to get your information to us is by using our convenient online contact form. We can also be reached through a quick call to 1-800-530-2505, or via email at info@sunspacedesign.com. We look forward to bringing light to your space.

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