A Custom Designed Greenhouse in York, ME

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Construction

We’re always eager to get started on a new greenhouse! Members of the team are avid gardeners, so a new greenhouse addition or renovation project is always a great chance to really understand another grower’s values and growing process. New England has a strong horticultural tradition–a tradition that actually extends to the very origins of glass structure development itself. The earliest glass enclosures — conservatories, orangeries, and greenhouses — were all evolutionary steps from earlier walled garden and pergola traditions in Europe. You can read about some of this history in our Orangeries vs. Conservatories and Sunrooms vs. Conservatories articles.

Because Earth’s plantlife depends upon sunlight, there’s a natural relationship between gardeners and any enclosure, structure, or roof element which is designed to transmit light into an interior space. Enclosed glass spaces offer greater control over growing cycles and thus present natural advantages to the horticulturist. This holds true of our sunrooms, our skylights or glass roofs, and even our pool enclosures. But no product category in our lineup is more carefully calibrated for optimal growth than our custom greenhouses are.

In our 7 Benefits of Greenhouses and Health Benefits of Glass Structures articles we go over just a few of the reasons why so many of our customers from Maine, New England, and Massachusetts elect to have a custom greenhouse structure designed for and built on their property. Our units are fully custom, elegantly beautiful, and can be designed to accommodate any footprint or match any existing architectural style. They’re also built tough enough to provide value throughout all four seasons.

Today’s build journal explores the development of a custom greenhouse design and construction project in York, Maine. Our team is providing the client with a year-round structure with running water, operable windows on every wall, beautiful mahogany framing, and an insulated glass roof. Because we’re highly experienced at thermally regulating freestanding or attached glass rooms, we’re able to provide the client with assurance that the greenhouse will remain able to produce vegetables and flowers throughout the winter. This four-season thermal performance is aided by the inclusion of ventilation fans and airflow fans to ensure a productive interior climate. Let’s take a closer look:

A "before" photo of an area adjacent to a big red barn located in York, Maine upon which a custom greenhouse addition will be built

A pre-construction photo depicting the construction location.
The area adjacent to the barn is a great south-facing location that’ll provide enough light.

A photo of a client's yard area where a custom Sunspace Design mahogany and glass greenhouse will be constructed

The greenhouse will be positioned to provide easy access to the surrounding yard.

An engineered computer assited design drawing showing the front/east framing elevation and south/north framing elevation for a custom greenhouse

A look at two framing elevations drawn up in advance of construction.
Each project receives a full suite of architectural CAD drawings like these.

A photo of an excavation underway so that concrete foundation can be poured prior to the start of construction on a brand new greenhouse

The excavation for the new concrete foundation has begun!

A look at foundation forms in place inside a recently excavated space in this residential backyard prior to the pouring of concrete

Forms are set and we are now ready to pour the concrete.

A hardened concrete greenhouse foundation is located in this York, Maine backyard and will soon be backfilled and graded

After pouring, the hardened concrete is ready for backfilling and grading.

The concrete slab is placed.
Drainage, water, and electrical lines are all installed.

Construction on the wall frame begins.

Wall frame construction continues.

We’ve installed the structural ridge beam.
We do this before introducing the mahogany roof frame.
The roof frame will eventually house insulated glass units.

Installation of the mahogany-framed roof system begins.
It’s a great day to be working outside!

A view from the interior before glass installation begins.

The team has begun placing the insulated glass.

The insulated glass roof is installed.
Next up: the gable end glass panels.

Now that glass is in, we can begin working on the exterior.

We’re nearly there!

A view from the interior facing the doors which access the yard…

…and a view from the interior facing the rear of the greenhouse.

The lights are now operational, and the space is ready for use!

The growing space is brimming with plants.

The owners couldn’t be happier with their new horticultural greenhouse renovation.

Are you wondering how one of our New England-tough greenhouses can meet your growing goals? Between our capacity to inventively design architectural solutions to your specific growing goals and our ability to integrate the very best, newest greenhouse technologies, there are no limits to what your project can become. We’re able to install a great variety of greenhouse automation or design features per a client’s request.

If you’re an interested reader looking for more information about how Sunspace Design can help you achieve your residential greenhouse goals, consider reading our Glass Structure Planning and Glass Structure Placement guides. And don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re available to assist with all residential or commercial greenhouse needs and can be reached at 1-800-530-2505, via email at info@sunspacedesign.com, or through our contact form. Let’s get growing!

Original Post Date: 2018-08-15
Last Updated: 2022-03-15

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